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The Doubt...

Do you believe in Ghost Apparitions?
Do you believe in UFO? In Alien Invasion? In men in Black?
Do you believe in Life After Death?
In Miracles? In Heaven and Hell? In God and Devil?
In Destiny? In Premonitions and Prophecy?
Do you believe in Mysticism?
In Black Magic? In Witches?
Do you believe in Eternal Love and Romantism?

... WE DO!

Welcome in SAMSAYA's Universe (Progressive Modern Rock).



SAMSAYA means « the doubt » in old Hindoo language.
SAMSAYA was created by Mr Kronos (Singer-Guitarits; author-composer) in february 1993 with the ambition of creating a musical conept he was dreaming to ear, mix of Electro Dance Metal Gothic, with a progressive side.
A first release arrives in may 1994 : « Black Roses Three » composed of 7 titles with cosmic athmosphere, mystic, And a style close from gothic-Metal.
Charly b (Keyboards) join SAMSAYA in febuary 1995 and becomes quickly the second official member of the band.
We can mark out 4 main periods :
First one includes the 2 first albums : « Ô Roses » 1996 and « Changes » 1997 that mix progressive Gothic-Metal Electro, and texts in Latin and english. We could talk about an "Undergroud" period but who builds the basis of SAMSAYA
The third album « 3 : La Sadümania » 1998 is a transition. Il allows SAMSAYA to enlarge its public helped by french texts, and more accessible tracks with more actual production and arrangements.
the fourth album « Dance Metal » 2001 will become the most commercial and succeeds album of what SAMSAYA call: Dance-Metal.
The fifth Opus : « Art of Lust » 2003 , is a logic following. Composed with very different kind of tracks and some covers, its also the last album of this period.
The following albums (« Supertanker 666 » 2005 and « 7 : le temps » - double album concept - 2006 ) constite the artistic scope of the band : Sometimes Gothic-Metal, sometimes more Dance, Athmospheric ballad, or progressive and baroque ( Violins, trumpets, pipes, etc. are more and more present), those 2 albums shows no limit in SAMSAYA's artistic freedom.
The album live « Soirée Champagne » 2008, Shows that SAMSAYA on stage stays faithful to this so particular style beeing more Metal : Loud Guitars, Guitare solo very presents, and "crooner" or agressive vocals of Mr Kronos, great orchestrations of Charly b, with Jeff's Basses, and drums from Olive.
with the album « Les mémoires du prophète » 2013 (Concept album) SAMSAYA removes the Electro side (only 2 tracks on ten) for remaining to a louder and darker Metal, with multple-acts tracks (particularity of the original concept). mixing vocals in english and french.
After 2 compilations « étrange étrange vol 1, and 2 » rarety, remix …2018, « Kronology » the ninth album, is loud, darl, Metal, gothic, mystic and progressive, back to the origins, in english only, the album « Kronology » is an artistic adequacy between the complexity of the conpositions and the et the unique athmosphere of SAMSAYA : finaly the logical continuation of a band who succeded keeping its integrity, its singularity, a modern side (despite modes and coded labels), and who celebrates its 25 years of existence!

Members of SAMSAYA:



Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Arrangements, compositions and texts, Concept, Production.

Self-taught and determined, he was the founder in 1986 of Chainsaw (Black Metal Gothic), then Obscurus (Gothic) before designing SAMSAYA in 1993.


Keyboards, Chorus, Wind Instruments, Electronic devices, Drums, Production, Arrangements.

Trained as a classical / Jazz musician, passionate with fusion of traditional and electronic music with which he founded an electro project called Mahaous Work, he joined SAMSAYA in 1995.



Following SAMSAYA since the beginning, Oliv was Chainsaw's drummer (Black Metal Gothic) He integrated SAMSAYA in 2011




May 1993: Beginning of SAMSAYA
May 1994: Series of concerts in Aquitaine (France)
October 1994: Expedition tour in Berlin
December 1994: Live in Aquitaine (France)
June to december 1995: Concerts in France / Spain
January 1996: "O Roses tour", Aquitaine.
April 1996: Released the album "O Roses"
July 1996: Recording of "Sorcery & Liberty" at the studio AMANITA
September 1996: Gigs in Aquitaine / France
December 1996: Live at Zenith de Pau
February 1997: Recording the movie for "Sorcery & Liberty"
April 1997: Live happenings in night clubs / France
October 1997: Release of second album "Changes"
January 1998: "Changes Tour 98" (France)
October 2001: Release compilations 'The Sadümania'
December 2001: Released the album "Dance Metal" - Interviews and updates
April 2002: Filming of the second clip of the song "Dance Metal"
February 2003: Recording of "La cabane de l'inexpliqué" at Niko Etxart' studio.
September 2003: Festival "Knock Out" in Mauleon
December 2003: Release of DVD "Archives"
2003 - 2005: Records "7: Le temps " / "Supertanker"
December 2005: Live Representation for a fashion show in Mauleon
May 2006: Release of the album: 7: Time and the maxi Supertanker.
January 2007 to December 2008: Supertanker tour.
October 2008: Release of Live: Soiree Champagne
December 2008: Release of The Art Of Dance Metal (remix of the album Dance Metal + new versions
Nov 2009: Anniversary private Concert SAMSAYA FACE au TEMPS - 15 YEARS OF HISTORY - Recording a dvd set
May 2013 : Release of the Album Les Memoires du Prophete + Bonus DVD Liv