May 1993: Beginning of SAMSAYA
May 1994: Series of concerts in Aquitaine (France)
October 1994: Expedition tour in Berlin
December 1994: Live in Aquitaine (France)
June to december 1995: Concerts in France / Spain
January 1996: "O Roses tour", Aquitaine.
April 1996: Released the album "O Roses"
July 1996: Recording of "Sorcery & Liberty" at the studio AMANITA
September 1996: Gigs in Aquitaine / France
December 1996: Live at Zenith de Pau
February 1997: Recording the movie for "Sorcery & Liberty"
April 1997: Live happenings in night clubs / France
October 1997: Release of second album "Changes"
January 1998: "Changes Tour 98" (France)
October 2001: Release compilations 'The Sadümania'
December 2001: Released the album "Dance Metal" - Interviews and updates
April 2002: Filming of the second clip of the song "Dance Metal"
February 2003: Recording of "La cabane de l'inexpliqué" at Niko Etxart' studio.
September 2003: Festival "Knock Out" in Mauleon
December 2003: Release of DVD "Archives"
2003 - 2005: Records "7: Le temps " / "Supertanker"
December 2005: Live Representation for a fashion show in Mauleon
May 2006: Release of the album: 7: Time and the maxi Supertanker.
January 2007 to December 2008: Supertanker tour.
October 2008: Release of Live: Soiree Champagne
December 2008: Release of The Art Of Dance Metal (remix of the album Dance Metal + new versions
Nov 2009: Anniversary private Concert SAMSAYA FACE au TEMPS - 15 YEARS OF HISTORY - Recording a dvd set
May 2013 : Release of the Album Les Memoires du Prophete + Bonus DVD Live